Saturday, November 02, 2013

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Aha! Blogolicious! is an irreverent blog musing about world events, music, idiocy often masquerading as sanity, politically relevant topics no one bothers to talk about because they actually might be useful, and other wonderful things.  It was started while during the first incarnation of Little Dogs Media, an SBO focused on music, media, and small games, but wasn't tied directly to the work of Little Dogs Media.

Now Little Dogs Media has been reborn (after I finished grad school, you see) and is focused on creating animations that promote books, as well as analytics of media.  Aha! Blogolicious! ignored these last couple of years (heavy grad school time!) is also making a what, we're not quite sure yet...but definitely more tied to Little Dogs Media this time around.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New 8 second Animation Cartoon Funny - Happy Chinese Year of Rabbit 2011 (end of Year of Tiger 2010) youtube link

My own 8 second contribution to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.

Not as good as many, or as long, but again, it's a learning curve. That I could go from zero to this in 2.5 days using 3D cameras, bones/IK, squash/stretch and detailed rendering is pretty amazing though. Kudos to a fantastic interface for Anime Studio. I wish Flash or the 3D tools were this intuitive.
Or you can search "Chinese New Year Rabbit Kicks Tiger" and that should find it, too.

Ta! Have a good one!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tea Party Mambo - cartoon, political parody (here is YouTube link)

As promised, here is the link to my parody. Yes I made it myself - all save for the photographs. A bit rushed, only had a month and had to do it all myself, but still fun and I quite like how the static political cartoons turned out. The Flash animations needed more work but that is life. We had a deadline for our grad presentation and I just had to finish up and go.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FUNNY TEA PARTY PARODY VIDEO - cartoon/animation political parody (Beck, Palin, Colbert, Jon Stewart, etc)

Sorry I haven't had time to post. But hopefully you'll think what I have been doing is worthwhile. I just finished this political parody animation/cartoon musical video of the Tea Party Movement (starring Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Rand Paul, George Soros and others).

I did it for a graduate class presentation on the Tea Party, but I thought I'd share it with you.

I'll post the embed later. I'm still buried in finals week right now and research papers.

But to see it GO TO YouTube and SEARCH for "Tea Party Mambo". That's it's title and it's open viewing.

It's in English (sorry no time to add Japanese or Chinese or other language options) but I'm sure you'll get the humor regardless.

Best and later!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

most hilarious video clip removed (sorry, just couldn't find out who to credit)

I still think it is the funniest video clip I have ever seen, but since I can't locate the source and give credit to the show and make sure it is ok with them to promote their show this way (it's just a short clip from the show), I won't continue to show it here. sorry.

if someone does have a lead to the show, then let me know. I think this show deserves recognition and I'd love to do a review of them, but if I can't find them, I can't.

For other shows out there who might want to get reviewed, I'm always open to reviewing you as well. Normally, I stick with musical groups since I know they want the publicity and know when I see music sites of them, they are likely legit. But if a show promotes itself by using YouTube or something similar, then I'd be happy to review them too and point to the clips posted.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Is Google Losing Its Search Influence? (Is this a sign of lower stock price and increased loss of market share?)

With all the talk of Facebook becoming the next big search engine (in the US), and Google being run out of China, leaving the ever-expanding Chinese market open to Baidu, it makes you wonder if Google has peaked?

For those that don't know what I do when I'm not writing about music or art, I'm an analyst (and currently a graduate student, too!) One company I analyzed 6 years ago was Google and how exactly it managed to takeover the search industry and dominate the market, from a "come from behind" position against the current dominant engines of the time. (For those that don't realize, doing such a thing in the Internet space is rare, usually the first into a new space becomes dominant and stays dominant -- unless they 'let' the competition run them over. ala Netscape versus Internet Explorer)

I've recently been looking at Google again, especially with their new Instant Search. Instant Search doesn't impress me, and unlike other folks analyzing it, I think it shows a Google feeling very vulnerable right now. Instant Search obviously has other reasons for being, one of which may be to promote Google in the mobile market, another might be the usual Google 'presentation' to make users think it is being somehow more innovative and unlike any other search company out there. (Actually, as you can tell from my writing, I found this 'presentation' to the public to be counter to the actual available facts.)

Recently, Google pretty much lost its confrontation with China...and I say it really didn't have a chance in the first place. Foreign American/European companies in Asia face issues they don't in America or Europe (or not as much). Now that vacuum will be filled (most likely) by Baidu or another Chinese-based search engine -- and with the majority of Chinese fully supporting the change as a point in national pride.

It's also important to note that in Japan, Google is not king, though it manages to be the secret advisor to the king. In 2008, it was Yahoo on top with Google second (
and this hasn't changed in 2010, though Yahoo Japan has agreed to use the Google engine instead of the Bing engine, when offered a very, very sweet deal by Google in order to freeze Bing out. As Japan is ranked 3rd in search market size (after the US and China), this is significant. But since there are several Japanese search engines out there, from Rakuten to Goo, one has to wonder if Yahoo-Google days are numbered in Japan as well. And it also shows (potentially) a fear of Bing.

Add to that, that Google is just a blip in South Korea with Naver the dominant engine, and Russia? forget it. Google does still dominate in Western Europe. Apparently there isn't really a homegrown European search engine that can satisfy that region.

Perhaps it is business as usual, but Google's influence does not seem to be as dominate (and as automatic) as it used to be. In fact, while Google still has 65% market share of the US market, its global market share of the search arena has dropped, losing ground to Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Much of this is because of the China loss, where Baidu gained as a result, but Bing has been on a hotstreak of growth this year, something which neither Google nor Yahoo can easily claim.

Here's a map showing Google across the globe:

This is actually quite serious, because unlike Microsoft (Bing), Google is heavily reliant on search money (advertisers). Google also still dominates in Enterprise level search, a subarea of search, but again, Yahoo and Bing are narrowing the gap. If Google continues to lose ground, even if it is a slow decline, you can expect the stock to peak*** and begin to slide as well, signalling that Google as a growth company is done. However, it does present great opportunities for local national seach engines to reassert their dominance in their home markets (just like Baidu did), and for new search engines (companies, or divisions of a bigger company) to take over some of Google's traditional territory or reclaim some of their own.

Anyway, thought I'd share this, especially as good search is invaluable to little companies or bands or singers or what these big players do does affect you as well. Google's new Instant Search may make it harder for the little players to get noticed, while making it easier for the big names to continue to dominate. But again, if the competitors to Google realize this, then they may turn out to be a better bet for the little guy now.

You can read more about what I do in my 'real life' here: (sort of an info site, for 'quick' summaries of some outstanding strategic/policy the Policy Analysis button. If you want to punish yourself by looking at a lot of stats -- an example of ad placement evaluation -- then click Web Analytics.)

CG's Strategy Portfolio Info Site:

My take: Google is still dominate in the US and Western Europe, but if Yahoo and Bing are smart, especially Bing, this gap will continue to narrow. Google is either not dominant or else vulnerable elsewhere, especially Asia, and may completely lose traction in that area as local search engines assert themselves. Google has relied on how it is 'perceived' by users (and advertisers alike), but that doesn't mean longterm loyalty. So if this perception is revealed as just smoke and mirrors, and/or Google is no longer 'cool', then the slide effects could be exponential. So far, this hasn't happened, but Google is no longer an up-and-coming startup. It is a mature company now and is seeing more and more criticism of its policies, its abusive interview style and arrogance (which by reports was worse than Microsoft's in its day), its acquisitions and other things. Some of these are mainly just allegations, and some, while true, may be intermittant and not reflective of the company or the people as a whole, but all of it affects Google's 'perception' by the public and therefore its popularity with users.

And in the search market, popularity and perception matter.

Additional Note: I should add that a company (or any entity) that feels threatened, especially when it has become accustomed to a place of dominance, is very likely to become more aggressive in order to protect that status. So Google's deal with Yahoo Japan may be one example of an increased need to protect its position, and there will likely be more such bold, aggressive moves -- which for companies doing business with Google means that it may be more willing to negotiate better deals for you than it has in the past, or buyout takeovers could be more lucrative for the acquired company as Google may feel more desperate to stay ahead of the competition. However, this may lead to lower revenues for Google itself, which would negatively affect its stock price and its perception in the financial markets.

***update: my mistake in wording, I rechecked Google's stock history. The stock has already peaked once and has lost almost a third of its value in the last few years. This is expected because of the recession. What I mean to address, is post-recession, when companies should be on the rise again, Google's perception in the market, if perceived as weakening, will lead to a more permanent slide that it may not be able to recover from -- rather like many dot coms post the dot com bust.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Politics, Music, Bono, U2 -- building bridges in Istanbul, Turkey

Just a short note.
With Apple trying to be Facebook and MySpace combined, and Facebook trying to be MySpace, and MySpace, well, just trying to stay alive these days, it reminds me of how much music and politics are intertwined. (And big business, but we already knew that. And we also knew that music choice plays an important role in political image -- can you say Republican Country Western and not Rock and Roll?)

So instead of raging against censorship, or celebrities that push a cause as a public relations ploy, I'll simply applaud the continuing efforts of Bono from U2. Yes, this is a plug for Bono. I like U2, always have, but I respect Bono. He isn't just involved in political action for the glory or headlines. He really cares about issues.

The latest event is U2's recent concert in Istanbul. Turkish fans online and at that concert were quite upset at Bono's meeting with the Prime Minister and State Minister Egemen Bağış, but Bono realizes that bridge building involves more than rages against the machine. In this case, he received boos from the crowd when he thanked the minister for "helping his band fulfill its dream of walking on the Bosphorus Bridge between two continents, Asia and Europe". Despite this, his dedication of a song to Fehmi Tosun, who had disappeared while in state custody, reminded fans, subliminally, that not only was he and the band for human rights, (after all, they mentioned Tosun on their 1997 album "Pop"), but bridges of all kinds need to be created in order to bring about positive change.

"Then came the surprising moment: Turkish protest singer, columnist and one-time Istanbul mayoral candidate Zülfü Livaneli was invited to the stage to sing a similar elegy. Bono joined Livaneli to sing “Yiğidim Aslanım Burada Yatıyor” (“My hero, the lion, lies here”), a song that was also sung during the funerals for murdered journalists and political activists during the 1990s, to a thunderous response from the crowd." --hurriyet daily news

The evening had more in store and all and all, we should be thankful that some rich, famous people, in the even unliklier form of a rock star, are willing to fight the good fight -- and build bridges so that real change can happen.

For the full story please see,

Sunday, June 28, 2009

SCANDAL! the most powerful Japanese Girl Band...

That's what their website says. Well, I don't know if they are the most powerful Japanese girl band, but I do know that they are a lot of fun to listen to.

If you went to SAKURA.CON in the US, you might have heard them before. They toured here recently. This group out of Osaka, Japan is hot and rising fast!

I admit it. I like Japanese J-POP. And I am always amused by the personas that J-POP bands will take on. SCANDAL is a girl rock/pop band. The four of them appear complete in Japanese school girl outfits -- the kind in male fantasies, rather than the reality. They all do their makeup so that they tend to look like clones of each other too! The male fantasy continues!

But beyond the hype, the music is fun and bouncy and the vocals are good.

Even beyond that, they really are part ROCK! You can definitely hear rock vibes and strong guitar musings threaded among the bouncy, girlish J-POP tunes.

That might actually qualify them for the most 'powerful Japanese girl band'...these J-POP fantasy dolls really can hit a rock beat and make it stick.

So give them a look and a might find yourself getting addicted to J-POP.

Their Myspace music site is at:

Have fun!
CG Anderson

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

JPOP singer RayRi (RayLi) aka 玲里

Sorry it's been so long a wait but time for a music review. Between work, studying and new music players (MySpace) that didn't work well as well as buggy MySpace itself, it took a while!! I almost gave up on doing MySpace music reviews...I mean MySpace has gotten really really buggy and the new music player is even slower than the last one!

Time for a little JPOP again. Nothing outrageous. Just a great voice and some standard POP tunes. RayLi out of Japan fits the bill. Lovely to look at, in an almost androgynous way, and with a great voice, great range of voice and wonderful emotional delivery.

The only thing that really bothered me was the choice of tunes. RayLi has a great voice and knows how to deliver a compelling song. But, the tunes themselves were rather ordinary. Nothing really grabbed me.

I want the songs and melodies to match the power of this singer and this great clear voice with its clear, bright vocal range. I hope RayLi is put together with a really good songwriter and a great producer.

If that happens, I think another great JPOP star will be born. Not that 200,000+ listeners are wrong. I just think that that number could go way way way way way up!

Judge for yourself, RayRi (RayLi/ 玲里) is at:


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The ARC goes online. (ARChive of Contemporary Music puts catalog online.)

The ARChive of Contemporary Music (known as ARC or ARChive) is going online. It will make its catalog of popular music, the largest in the world, available online to the public. The ARC also has the largest collection of sound tracks as well as film scores in the world.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to listen to the recordings online, but you will have access to the information about the recordings. There are more than 2 million recordings in the ARC, as well as millions of photographs, press kits, books, videos and other memorabilia.

The ARChive is physically located in Tribeca (New York.) According to the Associated Press, this public access is tied to an agreement with Columbia University.

The site location is here:

For music fans, this opens up an invaluable treasure trove waiting to be explored.

CG Anderson

AP news article on ARChive announcement